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Wanted: Cowboys (& Cowgirls) - Fun 3 Gun Sport Shooting in New Haven County

If you're like me I loved a good John Wayne movie as a boy! The whole notion of a solitary lawman bringing the law to a wild western town overrun with gun toting, law breakers was highly dramatic and tremendously exciting. Today, many of our new gun owners aren't just seeking a pistol for personal protection but want to explore sports shooting opportunities. If you've ever felt a nastalgic pull to the good ole' days and wanted to try out a fun, shooting event then this may be for you.

Cowboy Action Shooting | New Haven County

Photo Credit | Jim Shannon - Republican-American

The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) is one of several national sports shooting groups dedicated to preserving the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. New Haven County is host to the Congress of Rough Riders headed by Frank Wargo who's interviewed in this video. Mike Inigio [pictured], one of our very own pistol instructors, is an equally seasoned competitor.

I've had the pleasure of attending a shooting match. You're in for quite an experience. You'll find the entire group fun, friendly, and the experience a blast! Matches are held the first Sunday monthly from April through December. Bring a great attitude and wilingness to learn. They'll equip you with everything else and get you right into the mix regardless of your shooting experience.

To learn more email them at

Stay Safe. Stay Secure!

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