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USCCA Certified Instructor 

The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) provides education, training and self-defense for responsibly armed Americans.

Prospective instructor candidates share a commitment to preserving the Second Amendment, an inherent understanding of responsible gun ownership and demonstrate a personal commitment to continous training and self-improvement.

Safe and Secure Training offers quarterly two-day Instructor development 

workshops for interested and eligible individuals to become USCCA Certified Instructors.


Dan Bulkley is New England's leading USCCA Training Counselor. He'll gladly discuss candidate eligibility requirements and offer a preview of a USCCA training experience.

Male USCCA Instructor teaching pistol fundamentals to female student at CT shooting range

Instructor Benefits

Fairfield County CT USCCA Instructor logo
  1. Eligible to teach five separate training programs to the shooting public

  2. Complete toolkits including textbooks, videos, high-resolution posters and brochures

  3. 45 to 54% discount on course materials and training resources

  4. Free advertising and instructor listing on the national USCCA resource directory

  5. Student referrals from the USCCA Member Services team

  6. Up to 83% discounts for Concealed Carry magazine plus free shipping

  7. Up to 50% reimbursement for training product sales 

Email for more information.

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