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Connecticut Pistol Permit Class

NRA Instructor & smiling basic pistol students

Considering a CT Pistol Permit and gun purchase to help keep you and your family safe in uncertain times? Join the more than 18 million Americans who understand the importance of being better prepared as a CCW Permit holder.

Gun ownership is a major responsibility. At Safe and Secure Training we don't sell firearms. We are a husband and wife teaching team. We offer fact-based learning experiences. Our USCCA Basic Handgun class consists of a highly informative, discussion based environment where the learning is hands-on. Each class is limited in size for your benefit. 

The (Public) CT Pistol Permit class is taught each weekend. Weekday and evening classes are offered. Private classes may be booked any day except Saturday. The classes are held virtually, at our location and additional training sites depending on your personal preference and class availability. 

Call 203-590-2120 for details and dates!

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