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Customer Feedback


We love what we do and get the best reviews in all of Connecticut! But don't take our word for it. Read more customer comments at Google Reviews

My husband brought me with him to take the class which I was not really happy about. I was so nervous about going to the range and shooting. When we got there I was terrified, going in and hearing the guns go off I wanted to leave, but Dan was awesome. He was very calming in helping me step by step to get more comfortable with handling the gun. I probably would of chickened out if it were not for him. He is so knowledgeable and an awesome instructor. Thanks so much Dan!!!        Jackie T - Fairfield, CT

I traveled from Woodstock NY to CT to take this class because of the positive reviews i read and I was not disappointed. Dan was professional and passionate about gun safety and making sure I learned the skills needed to carry a weapon. I took this class in summer of 2016 and now am applying for my CT permit. I hope to take another class with Dan to continue my learning and practice.     John F - Woodstock, NY

I just finished Dan's Basic Handgun Firearms Training course. Several things struck me about Dan, and his colleague Steve: they are both personable, knowledgeable, and patient. They skillfully imparted the importance of safety, clearly illustrating the gravity of gun ownership, and the laws that apply to it. Both have the acumen of seasoned professionals. I will be recommending Safe and Secure Training of CT to anyone and everyone who asks me about basic gun safety.     Mike M. - West Haven, CT

Took Dan's NRA Pistol Permit class and could not speak more highly of it. Dan provided all class members a thorough understanding of pistol safety. Since Dan's classes are small (mine only had 3 students!), he can provide each person with near one-on-one instruction. And, since each person in my class came from different backgrounds, education levels, and learning styles, Dan was able to personalize the curriculum to ensure that we all benefit. Not to mention, his patience with students is inspiring. Sending my family to Safe and Secure so everybody can learn how to better protect themselves.        Zachary A. - Woodbridge, CT

My coaching session with Dan was a pleasant surprise because I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was going to be a lot of lecture and some shooting, but instead it was a nice balance of both. Dan was also very flexible with scheduling and was clear and up front about all costs involved. Although our time together flew by, I learned more than I expected. He presented the essential fundamentals of safe shooting and thoroughly analyzed my technique through watching, demonstrating and taking photographs. Finally, at the end of the session, he gave me excellent and informative feedback which has been very useful.      Deb - Shelton, CT

I have spent the last 7 years on active duty working primarily as a Weapons Officer supervising weapon qualifications of experienced and novice shooters. Dan ranks among the top firearms instructors I have trained under or worked with in regards to experience, safety, and ability to adapt to and work at the trainees level. If you are a new or an experienced shooter, I would recommend his course. I look forward to training with him again and I will send my friends and family his way for their training. Additionally, the classroom and equipment that Dan uses is top notch.        Jacob - Milford, CT

I can honestly say I had no clue or background to gun safety before taking this course. I couldn't even tell you parts of gun much less how to handle one. After taking it, I feel so much better when I'm around them. I walked in having 0 knowledge and came out feeling like I could go out and be ok if I needed to handle a gun. Felt even better after I went to the range. Everyone is so friendly and there is no judging. They help you learn and understand. Loved everything about it. I will definitely be recommending my friends!       Odette - Ansonia, CT

I just wanted to personally let you know how much I enjoyed working with you. I had previously taken a pistol permit class and left there feeling uncomfortable, as if I hadn't learned much at all. The knowledge that you have and willingness to make sure that we understood what you taught us and knew how to apply it also, made me feel at ease. You confirmed for me that I had made the best choice possible by coming to Safe and Secure Training of CT. I look forward to working with you again!       Tabitha - West Haven, CT

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