Dan Bulkley - Senior Instructor 

CT USCCA Training Counselor Dan Bulkley at the shooting range
Fairfield County NRA Instructor in military uniform

Dan is a highly seasoned Personal Safety Educator, Master Firearms Trainer and Defensive Shooting Instructor. He is a decorated military professional with 28 years enlisted and commissioned officer service in the Medical, Intelligence and Combat Arms branches prior to his retirement.  

At an early age Dan began educating elementary and middle school students on child safety topics. Known as "Disaster Dan" to educators and kids alike, he would later work as a professional with the National American Red Cross specializing in emergency preparedness programs at the local, state and national levels. 

MAJOR Bulkley (Ret). is a two-time recipient of the Bronze Star Award and Army Combat Action Badge recipient along with other leadership awards and acknowledgements. He has led teams providing protective services for senior military and governmental officials in austere overseas environments. He has significant training, planning and operational experience managing military responders in civil support operations for statewide emergencies, national disasters Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and support for law enforcement during the 2015 Pope Francis visit to the United States. 

Dan is a life long learner with undergraduate and graduate degrees in criminal justice, communications, human resource management, education and business. He invests nearly 100 hours each year in professional programs regarding personal and organizational safety, firearm instruction, leadership development and related industry areas. 

Association Membership and Training Program Completion 

National Organization for Church Safety & Security Management

United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)

      Training Counselor

      Certified Instructor


NRA - Law Enforcement Division

       Tactical Shooting Instructor

       Defensive Handgun & Shotgun Instructor

NRA- Education & Training Division

      Training Counselor

      Advanced Pistol Instructor

      Practical Pistol Coach

      Personal Protection In / Out Home Instructor

      Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor

      Pistol / Shotgun / Rifle Instructor

      Range Safety Officer