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Concealed Carry Workshop

Connecticut Concealed Carry | New Haven Co. CT

Nearly 1 in 9 Connecticut adult residents own one or more firearms. State statute requires applicants to complete an authorized Firearm Safety and Use course like the NRA Basic Pistol or equivalent prior to receiving a pistol permit. The majority of Americans now purchasing firearms are doing so for personal safety reasons.


A well taught basic pistol course is a good introduction to responsible gun ownership. Unfortunately most first time classes fail to fully inform a new gun owner on the all-important considerations for owning and carrying a defensive firearm. 


We offer a one or two part module workshop to better equip our students with the realities and responsibilities to own and incorporate a defensive firearm into their day-to-day routines. The sessions are highly-interactive discussions and experiences which challenge participants both in the class and on the range. 


Email for details and registration.


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