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NRA Instructor Certification

Since 1871 the National Rifle Association (NRA) has served as the nation's premiere marksmanship and firearm safety training organization.

NRA Instructors provide education and training courses in youth, hunter, firearm and range safety, as well as introductory firearm instruction in pistol, rifle and shotgun. The NRA is the nation's foremost training provider for the Law Enforcement community. The NRA further offers personal protection training programs with it's new Carry Guard, Concealed Carry and Personal Protection I and II programs of instruction. 

Male NRA Instructor demonstrating firearm safety for pistol class
Connectictut NRA Pistol Instructor and students

Eligible NRA Instructors may teach twelve different firearm related disciplines depending on their training and expertise. All candidates are vetted and must complete the training course they will eventually teach. Candidates next complete the one-day, NRA Basics of Instructor Training (BIT) session. This introduces instructor candidates to NRA Education and Training policies and practices. Lastly candidates will complete the Basic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Range Safety or additional In-Person Instructor training experience.  

Want to know more? Dan Bulkley is one of the most recognized NRA Training Counselors in Connecticut. Learn more about his background here. Call to discuss or email here to learn more about NRA Instructor programs.

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