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Mom Saved Downed Police Officer; Now Fights for Family's Future After Lawsuit Announced By Assai

Mom Shoots Assailant to Protect Downed Police Officer Now Being Sued

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Kystie Jaehnen is in the fight of her life one year after dramatically saving the life of a police officer. Her situation could easily be any one of us if not adequately educated, trained and prepared as a legally armed citizen.

Last February, Kystie, a single mom of two in Aurora, Indiana called 911 to report a disturbed man at the end of her driveway. The responding officer was violently attacked while attempting to detain the 25-year-old male. The officer was overpowered and was doing everything physically possible to keep his duty weapon from being turned against him. With no backup in sight and witnessing a potentially dangerous outcome Krystie intervened rather than watch a police officer be murdered in front of her. She shot the attacker one time with her legally owned handgun. This was enough to stop the immediate threat. The officer was able to recover control of the situation. When it became apparent the attacker was in a bad way both Krystie and her mom performed CPR in an attempt to keep him alive until medical help arrived.

Several months later the county district attorney cleared this mom of any criminal charges. Fast forward to present. Kystie was just notified this month that she has been named in a wrongful death suit filed by the assailant's family. While outrageous this situation isn’t exactly uncommon. We encourage gun owners to understand ahead of time what can take occur when someone chooses to intervene. We further encourage gun owners to consider the more severe moral, legal and financial injuries they, like Krystie, will potentially encounter.

This week Sergeant Bill Lalbig, a firearms instructor with the Aurora P.D. and his wife Stacy Lalbig are organizing to help Kystie and her kids with their legal and financial costs. SGT Lalbig notes, “Kystie is courageous, and her actions saved a life, and she should be commended, but instead she is being sued. Attorney fees are an expense well beyond Kystie’s income and this will not be a quick process. The legal fees and emotional stress may drain every resource she has.”

Glory and I have made a personal donation to the GoFundMe campaign at We believe it’s absolutely critical that should fellow citizens ever face a life-threatening encounter and have to come to the aid of others – they do so both responsibly and without fear of unjust financial and legal retribution.

We believe it’s equally compelling that gun owners thoroughly understand the legal and financial consequences associated with owning a firearm. Working with the shooting public most don’t. While shooting proficiency is important we unfortunately see lots of individuals who, like Krystie, lack a more comprehensive plan to protect themselves from the moral, financial and legal injuries that often take place in the aftermath of a defensive encounter.

Self-Defense insurance is a SMALL price to pay for peace of mind for those of us in this community. There are many popular options out there. Message us if you’d like to common differences in available plans. We personally endorse USCCA Shield Plan – even though Dan is a senior NRA trainer and Life member. If you’d like independent info on USCCA you can freely explore using our online student preview option at with our affiliate code 8561. Message Dan if you’d like a frank, informative understanding with detailed comparisons and a financial explanation.

Link to original article here Please consider joining with us in supporting Kystie and her family here Please share with friends and others!

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