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To Do or Not? Meanwhile Brutal Home Invasion Targets New Haven Woman

Violent crime against New Haven woman | Safe & Secure Training report

Today I stopped unexpectedly for lunch at a newly opened eatery not far from our office. During the conversation the manager, a friendly, middle-aged woman, mentioned how her daughter is marrying and that she will soon be an empty nester living alone. Sara [not her name] mentioned she'd like to feel more secure in her residence - and had been thinking for some time about the possibility of a home protection firearm. Sara admitted that despite this nagging feeling she hadn't yet taken steps to enroll in a basic pistol class to learn more about guns and how to feel more comfortable with them.

I listened silently. I nodded in agreement that life can indeed be quite busy. Since she knew I operate a firearm training academy I asked her to guess how many conversations I have each week with women just like her. I showed her the book where I record each caller asking about pistol permit and concealed carry classes. She was shocked to see the percentage of women week after week. Sara knows she now has an open invitation to preview a pistol permit safety class.

As I write this post I'm struck with two thoughts. First, its been a good day. We enrolled five students two of whom are women. Secondly, I'm thinking of the terrified woman brutally attacked in her home yesterday not far from us. This woman, a Yale New Haven medical worker and Wooster Square resident, never expected to encounter a violent criminal in her own home. But she did. News reports indicate she will likely recover but she’ll undoubtedly be forever scarred by this sudden, violent encounter.

Do you know someone like Sara whose postponed pursuing a gun safety class? Be a friend to them. Have a conversation about actions they can take. Sometimes that encouragement is all it takes to help someone to overcome their busyness, their fear, their [insert delaying reason here] and to take responsibility for their personal safety.

We warmly welcome all the Sara’s (and friends) out there who’d like to learn more about our classes. You’re welcome to join us. Anytime.

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