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Refused To Be a Victim (Anymore)

Refused To Be A Victim (Anymore)

I recently went for a haircut where I met Julia (not her real name). Walk-in appointments aren’t generally available she said as she looked down at the appointment book. It was Tuesday after all. As in $12 Tuesday men’s cut specials. I let her know I wasn’t in a hurry and before long we began an unexpected conversation together. After several moments and sideway glances in the mirror she began to discuss personal firearm ownership. Now. Pause. Right. There. I hadn’t introduced myself as a professional firearm trainer. My appearance also didn’t reveal being in concealed carry mode (She later confided I looked more like a cop and she seemed to know a bunch of the local ones).

As I intently listened Julia related that her first husband had been brutally robbed, beaten and killed in her native Puerto Rico years ago. She then stated, unequivocally, that she didn’t believe in personal firearm ownership. In fact, she said, she’d have shot him herself if she’d had access to a handgun! Julia described an apparent 11 year history of domestic violence culminating in his shooting and wounding her and her mom during one incident. I’d simply come in for a $12 haircut. Now this woman was being transformed as she evolved into a passionate personality. Mind you while holding her shears near my ears! Julia continued though that the latter experience proved life changing as she’d fled to Connecticut and a significantly better new life.

Our time drew to a close (I simply don’t have the hair I used to). Julia continued to slip away at imaginary hairs as she stated young people with gun access often became criminals and terrorized others needlessly.

I stood up and we walked to the register together where I offered her a card indicating my firearm training business. Julia’s eyes registered wide with surprise. I graciously thanked her, generously tipped her and with a friendly wink left the card.

Now, sitting at my desk I’m reflecting on this encounter and the many personal stories our students have related as we’ve worked together. Time and time again our clients come from all ages and walks of life yet have a deep personal desire to, like Julia, take the actions necessary to keep themselves safe from individuals who would otherwise harm them. Gun ownership is a deeply personal choice. It’s not for those intentionally (and mentally) unprepared to take all means necessary to protect their lives and the lives of others.

At Safe and Secure Training we fully appreciate this. That’s why we’ve made a decision to provide personal safety training in addition to gun permit and firearm familiarity classes. We’ll share more in the future. In the meantime we’re glad to have an open conversation with others - whether gun ownership views are shared or not :)

We just announced our 2nd Women's Basic Pistol Course (April 25th) and have signed up our first two students. Promises to be a great learning experience!

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