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Gun Right Support Surging 2 Yrs After Sandy Hook

Safe and Secure Training Commentary

Today, the highly respected Pew Research Foundation released a report regarding American sentiment towards gun ownership. This comes only days ahead of Sunday's second anniversary of the senseless Sandy Hook school murders. We'll let you read and consider the report’s key findings.

As a Connecticut based firearm training business we’ve made two noteworthy observations in our first year of business. The first is the media's relentless and emotionally charged storytelling about societal risk from anyone associated with gun ownership. The second is that increasingly citizens understand potential risk vulnerabilities and have been proactively seeking information and responsible activities - to include gun ownership. This stands in sharp contrast to the media’s anti-gun biased reporting and the ignorance displayed by state politicians - if not outright public malfeasance.

Here at Safe and Secure Training we’re celebrating over sixty training events with citizens considering prospective gun ownership. Our students are good and sincere folks from all social, economic and demographic backgrounds who’ve acknowledged their responsibility to keep their loved ones safe and possibility they may need to be their own first responder in a critical encounter. We’ve watched with keen interest as initial firearm safety training has led to licensing, subsequent gun ownership and continued interest in skill development activities. We’ve further witnessed individuals achieving greater competence and confidence levels in themselves, along with higher degrees of security mindfulness and intentionality in their daily home and work routines. This continuously manifests itself in the follow up questions and comments we receive here at Safe and Secure Training.

So, read the Pew report. The surveyed respondents are not dissimilar than our clients - couples with young families, mature aged adults, concerned seniors area with zero prior firearm background, mindful small business owners and others. Let us know what you think!

Safe and Secure Training’s proud to be your trusted training partner.

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