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Firearm Training Academy


Pursuing gun ownership involves an investment of your time and finances. You want to select the right individuals to work with. Why choose Safe and Secure Training?
We don't work with large class sizes. We don't teach a typical "gun" class. We offer a higher touch, interactive learning experience for those who already own a firearm and those beginning their gun permit and learning process. Our team is fun. Our classes are highly unique. Our teaching style is second to none. Students rave about us. You will too!

Public classes are offered at our Training Center. Private classes are held at host sites in Fairfield County. The shooting experiences vary with the course curriculums. All are held at clean and comfortable indoor ranges in Fairfield and New Haven Counties. 

Pistol Permit
(Gun Safety) Class
Shooting Range
Expert 1-on-1 Coaching
Defensive Shooter Classes
Picture of New Havne county concealed carry class students.

We offer several options for you to complete the mandatory gun safety course to legally apply for a Connecticut carry permit. Once you've completed the pistol permit (firearm safety) training Connecticut residents begin the application process with their local authorities. Westchester County New York residents apply here. All other non Connecticticut residents apply here.


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We've partnered with several Fairfield and New Haven County gun ranges to prepare students for independent shooting activities. 


We provide professionally led sessions to build your shooting confidence. 


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Each instructor has trained with and been certified through at least one nationally recognized firearms training organization. 


For those seeking additional defensive shooting skills training we offer (on and off site) concealed carry, defensive handgun skill building opportunities.


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