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Connecticut Pistol Permit training


Your Class. Your Choice.

Handgun Class
NRA Basic Pistol
Instructor Led Class
NRA Basic Pistol
Blended Learning Experience

Many Americans desire the knowledge and ability to understand handguns beyond general safety and marksmanship topics.


This course is for those interested in new gun ownership, for those applying for a Connecticut Carry pistol permit and as an excellent refresher course for gun owners. The handgun class is highly interactive, the student materials both informative and exceptional.

This 2017 revised NRA course offers the very latest in firearm trainng with a focus on safe gun handling and responsible gun ownership topics.


Students may select from either a one day option or two evening sessions which include highly interactive classroom and live fire range components. 




This is for those with busy lifestyles who value independent learning - at their own pace - before working with an NRA Firearm Instructor.
Students gain a comprehensive understanding of firearm design, safe gun handling and sports shooting. The course concludes with an abbreviated in-person class and range experience.
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