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Our Reputation: You Have Many Choices

  • Unfamiliar with us, or our unique teaching approach? Read our most recent reviews here

  • Most competitors teach a traditional, recreational gun safety class. We do not, for a reason.

  • We understand the personal investment you are making to protect yourself and loved ones. 

  • We price our classes so that students can select services most important to them.

  • We encourage you to call and speak with Dan. Be well informed when selecting a training provider. 

Our Mission: Your Safety

  • We present important Connecticut gun laws, your rights and your responsibilities as a new Pistol Permit, CCW holder and gun owner.

  • We empower you to confidently understand, select, store and use a defensive firearm.

  • We offer practical guidance for those seeking to be more secure in their homes and everyday environments.

  • We educate you on strategies to prepare and protect yourself and family physically, legally, financially, and emotionally - not just how to shoot a firearm.

USCCA Instructors & students at a CT Gun Safety Class

Our Services

  • CT Pistol Permit and Multi-State Carry classes (Saturdays - Public; Private - M/F Days/Evenings - IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY)

  • One-on-One sessions with a nationally recognized Defensive Shooting Coach

  • CT Legal Carry and Self-Defense Law workshops

  • Mobile Shooting Simulator availability

  • USCCA and NRA Firearm Instructor certification training and mentoring

  • Personal Safety, Workplace Violence and Active Shooter educational workshops

  • 1st AID, CPR, AED training programs

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