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Description: This law enforcement endorsed workshop shares practical safety tips and techniques to reduce the potential for dangerous encounters in the home or in the community. Workshops are delivered in a highly interactive fashion. Select topics include Situational Awareness, Home Security Planning, Personal Security and Security for individuals, families and organizations and Workplace Safety.


Intended Audience: Workshops are geared for civic and professional groups, seniors, campus safety and young adult organizations. All content is module based and tailored to specific audience learning needs.


Note: This educational workshop is NOT a firearm training program.

Safe and Secure Training provides personal safety workshops for Fairfield and New Haven Counties
Safe and Secure Training Home Safety Course


Description:  This family oriented workshop provides practical tools and tips to preparing for and mitigating potentially dangerous situations in a home setting. Workshop topics include recognizing Situational Awareness in the home, Social Media and Home Cyber Protections, Physical Home Safety, Critical Incident Planning and responding to a violent encounter.  


Intended Audience: This workshop is available by request to private families and community groups. The customizable session may or may not include an onsite home assessment. 



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