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One-on-One Coaching

Speed and accuracy shooting drills taught by a nationally recognized NRA Shooting Coach

Many individuals obtain a gun license (in Connecticut referred to as a Permit to Carry) then purchase and maintain a pistol in their home to feel “protected”. A percentage occasionally visit a range. Some shoot recreationally. Others shoot at circular type targets to “prepare” should they have to use a firearm. A small percent in Connecticut conceal and carry to feel more secure in their surroundings. Unfortunately, the vast majority of all gun owners lack any formal training beyond a one-time, gun safety class. This can not only prove inadequate but in some instances deadly.


Unfamiliarity with a firearm and an inability to confidently shoot is a demotivator for the recreational or occasional shooter. When owning a handgun as a means of protection this takes on heightened responsibility. Individuals are wholly responsible for everything that occurs related to that firearm.


We help gun owners acquire both the ability and confidence to use a firearm properly. We take personal pride working one-on-one to educate, equip and empower new and experienced shooters alike. Adults learn differently. We understand that. We keep it simple. Whether conducting an initial diagnostic session, introducing progressively challenging experiences, using new to market coaching tools or assigning skill drill “homework” for personal practice you’ll be fully coached to shooting success!

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