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DescriptionThis hands-on intensive learning experience introduces students to all important firearm safety concepts and practical application for safe use of a handgun.  This learning session does NOT include firing a handgun.


Intended Audience:

CT resident pistol permit holders who will be applying for the Florida (non-resident) pistol permit.


Individuals who want to know to safely store, maintain and know how to safely use a firearm in a home environement BUT who do NOT intend to apply for a CT/NY/MA pistol permit.


Description: This two hour introductory course is taught in a classroom or range environment depending on the student's specific need. The session may includes a review of basic handgun safety rules, a comprehensive shooting skill evaluation and other related review and instruction.


Intended Audience:

Individuals who legally own a handgun and/ or have a pistol permit BUT who have never had formal training on proper shooting techniques or firearm maintenance.


Prospective students may also be individuals interested in a skills diagnosis and/or developing a basic shooter skills program.


Description: Prospective long-gun owners and hunters are introduced to safe gun handling rules, maintenance and operating fundamentals of a shotgun. The class involves both classroom and range learning activities. 


Students will learn the various parts of a shotgun, to operate the gun with confidence and to work through malfunctions as part of their shooting activities. 


Intended Audience:

Individuals and couples considering a shotgun for home defensive purposes.


Those interested in sport shooting opportunities.


Firearm Training Class
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