Connecticut Firearm Law Workshop

Since 2000 Connecticut has increased the number of gun laws from 67 to 89 making the state the third most restrictive in the nation. A surprisingly of Connecticut permit holders lack a thorough understanding of basic firearm laws and their obligations as responsible gun owners. Others have misleading impressions regarding state and federal laws and their responsibilities. 


This workshop is a fact-based presentation of Connecticut and federal statutes and more. Participants leave more well-informed and with greater confidence should they choose to carry as part of their ongoing lifestyle.   

Topics & Discussion Points

Open versus concealed legal considerations; Retention and concealment strategies for everyday carry use.


Communication, interaction and compliance with law enforcement and others when carrying.


Prohibited areas to carry (Connecticut, neighboring states and federal statutes).


Handgun / long-gun storage when traveling in-state; Securing and transportation considerations through neighboring states and across the country via personal vehicle, or commercial carriers (bus, train and air travel).

Federal and state requirements for safe gun storage; Proper handling and securing options for ease of access of a defensive firearm in a home or business; Legal reporting requirements for lost or stolen firearms.

Connecticut Permit renewal issues


Multi-state gun licenses: Do they make sense? Which offer the  greatest reciprosity, the most value and ease of convenience to obtain?

Self-defense insurance. What is it? Is it for me?