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Our Commitments

We're here for you. Our programs will meet you wherever you're at in your learning process or skill level. In working together we make the following commitments. We will;

        Educate       Students to understand all aspects of personal protection not just owning a firearm.

        Excite             Students towards additional shooting sports and personal protection related learning activities. 

        Encourage  Students to pursue responsible actions to ensure their safety and well being of themselves and others.

       Ensure           Students experience a clean, comfortable, safe and tremendously fun learning experience!

Watch Steve discuss his pistol permit safety class experience

Why should you choose Safe and Secure Training?
  • We don't teach a typical "gun" class.
  • We don't work with large class sizes for your benefit.
  • We have instructors with a strong commitment to continuous instructor development.
  • We employ a teaching style that is highly unique.
  • We receive fantastic student reviews!  


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