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Instructor Team

Pistol lessons with Fairfield County NRA instructor
Mike I.


Our Go To Guy for anything and everything! While his day time job is aviation engineering his personal passion is absolutely anything related to firearms. He’s a regionally recognized Single Action Shooting Society competitive shooter along with four decades of instructional, collecting and firearm repair expertise.


Mike thoroughly enjoys promoting shooting sports with the public. In fact, he’s one of the most highly sought instructors at NRA Women on Target events. Mike and his wife live in the Naugatuck area. They love traveling, culturally diverse dining experiences and their grandchildren!   

Glory E


Our Women's Expert Instructor. Glory grew up in a home environment with limited exposure to was originally raised in a culture where females didn't have much exposure to sport shooting. After relocating to the U.S. as part of her professional pursuits she gingerly tried out an introductory shooting course. It wasn't until after she was a licensed permit holder for some time that she really begun to understand the fun and freedom that comes with .


Amr M.


... became a permit holder in 2009 and has worked as an armed professional since 2011. He’s rapidly excelled both as a recreational shooter and as a multi-disciplined, NRA Certified Instructor.


In his spare time Amr promotes shooting sports events for a group of 150+ enthusiasts... when he’s not out adventure traveling, rock climbing or scuba diving!

Mike D.


A fun, fantastic member of the team. Mike began his career in law enforcement in Syracuse, NY and Baltimore, MD.  He served in patrol, detective, SWAT and academy training roles before joining General Electric's Security Team. Mike worked in numerous business units across the country before moving into and subsquently retiring from the corporate executive ranks at the Fairfield home office.


Mike is a life long runner, marathoner and martial artist. He loves working with our beginner students. As someone with mobility limitations he is highly effective in teaching and advising shooters with physical disabilities!

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