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Firearm Training Academy


Welcome! Whether you're new to guns or a more experienced shooter our approach and focus is the same.

              Ensure           Students learn in a clean, comfortable, fun and safe learning environment

              Educate       On all aspects of firearm safety and use - not just the physical aspects of shooting

              Excite             All students to learn more about area recreational, sport shooting and defensive training activities

              Encourage  A well rounded understanding of the moral, physical, legal and financial aspects of defensive gun ownership

Why learn with Safe and Secure Training?
  • We don't teach a typical "gun" class
  • We don't work with large class sizes for your benefit
  • We have passionate, professional instructors actively engaged in instructor development programs
  • We employ a teaching style that is highly unique
  • We receive fantastic feedback! from students


Basic Pistol Class

What type of learning experiences can you select?
  • Connecticut Pistol Permit Safety Class.
  • Carry with Confidence Class.
  • Home Safety Preparedness Class.
  • Self Defense In the Home Class
  • One-on-One Expert Instruction
  • Defensive Shooting Workshop
  • Fundamentals of Shooting Class
  • Advanced Pistol Class
  • NRA Firearm Instructor Course
  • USCCA Firearm Instructor Course
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